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We have a range of facilities suitable for every research method that we use, all these include;

Full kitchen

Our kitchen is fully equipped for the needs of all food products. Taste tests will be carried out with example products which have been kept in the ideal conditions.

Full panel room

Our panel rooms can accommodate up to 40 people and are fitted with Samsung tablets for panellists to easily complete panel surveys. These rooms are used for a wide variety of our research methods and are especially good for gathering large amounts of data at once thanks to the larger size and use of tablets.

Focus group rooms

Focus group rooms are smaller rooms for more focused research and can be used for a variety of purposes; some of the methods in these rooms include creativity groups and co-creation workshops.

As well as focus group-based research, these rooms are also used for other methods such as 1-2-1 interviews. The smaller size of these rooms when compared to a full panel room makes them more suited to individual and small group-based research methods.

Mock ups

We have the facilities to mock up various scenarios such as supermarket and restaurants to enable research in a representation of the relevant setting for food products. These mock ups are useful for gauging consumer reactions to products in the setting they would naturally use them in.

All these facilities are equipped for every research method that we use, as well as being suitable to accommodate new methods should we decide to use these for you. Watch the video below about our facility, and if you would like to find out more about our research methods to support you with your research requirements please get in touch today.





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