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Not all our panellists are volunteers giving their subjective opinion on your product; we also have a trained panel of testers to objectively assess your product to ensure that everything is tasting as it should before moving on to the subjective, opinion-based taste tests.

The use of this panel of professionals allows you to be sure that your product is up to the basic standard that it should be before moving on to taste testing or new flavours and variations. This objective testing is an essential part of the research process, as it allows us to be certain that your product doesn’t have any fundamental issues before moving on to testing it for the results that you’re looking for with our other research methods.

In the rare case that your product is found to have something objectively wrong, then you’ll be given information on exactly what the issue is so you can work on the product before coming back to us for the rest of the testing. We work with you at every step to ensure that you get the best results from our tests and research every time.

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