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Taste tests are one of our most popular research methods. These tests involve consumers tasting products within a controlled environment and then giving their opinion, also referred to as Central Location Tests (CLTs). This is a quantitative research method and can be used to understand how well a product performs against competitor alternatives or to establish if a new recipe is worse, as good or better than the original.

Taste tests are typically conducted ‘blind’ – meaning that the panellists will be unaware of the brand that they’re testing. This is the most effective way of taste testing, as it ensures there’s no bias that might occur because of a panellists pre-conceived opinions or ideas about a certain brand or product.

There are two main types of taste test. Single Product Tests involve panellists testing one product and giving their views. These tests can be repeated over time, allowing you to become aware of any changes in their tastes or perceptions of the product. Or Comparison Tests which involve panellists trying more than one variation of the same product, this is ideal for determining which formulation consumers prefer or to understand how your product performs against competitor alternatives.

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