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Qualitative research is a method of gathering non-numerical data, meaning data on the ‘why’ behind things – the thoughts, concepts, opinions, and definitions. This research is extremely useful for finding out what consumers think about your products and services in an expressive sense; finding out information that isn’t conveyed in quantitative data through stats and numbers.

Services we provide for qualitative research

Our research methods associated with qualitative research revolve around panellists, whether in groups or individually, working together and discussing the products or services being tested so that we can find out more about the thoughts and feelings associated with them. These methods include:

  • Creativity groups – participants use creative activities and games to express their thoughts about a product or service.
  • Discussion groups and depth interviews– these group workshops involve both our participants and representatives from your company working together, allowing to hear their thoughts first hand.
  • Interactive workshops – provide a vibrant and engaging environment to share, challenge and develop category opinions and experiences- but the real value is delivered by embedding the insights within the Client Team immediately and so ensuring greater insight ownership and actionability.
  • Digital deep dive workshops – encourage participants to share their thoughts and experiences in an open-ended, conversational style and provide an unrivalled richness of insight.
  • 1-2-1 interviews – a member of our team will have a casual interview with a participant, coming prepared with key questions that you’ve pre-approved.
  • Ethno depth interviews – provide a unique examination of consumer behaviours and influences by enabling participants to share one-to-one their attitudes, habits and choices and how they are experienced.
  • In home placement – we’ll shadow a participant in their day-to-day life, such as at home or out shopping, to better understand how your customers interact with your products or services.
  • Listening groups -a cost effective variation on conventional group discussions. Moderated by a Qualitative expert, the sessions will follow the course of a discussion guide, developed in consultation with the Client Team.
  • Pop-up communities -deliver a unique platform to engage target audiences over a longer period of time vs interview based research and so ascertain a more detailed understanding of category/audience specific development opportunities. This flexible and dynamic approach ensures client teams are fully immersed in the insight investigations, which can be mined throughout the Community duration (and beyond!).

These are some of the best examples of qualitative research methods that we offer, with more also available should these be required. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about our methods, or arrange an initial consultation so we can work out the best methods to use for your needs.



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