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We use a variety of research to gather opinions, thoughts, and data about your products and services from your target audience. We understand that most won’t be familiar with these methods and the terms used when talking about them, but don’t worry; we’ve got a synopsis for each here.


Qualitative research is an exploratory method which focuses on the ‘why’ and allows us to gain an understanding of reason and motivation. Qualitative research involves methods such as group activities, 1-2-1 interviews, and participation/observation exercises. These are effective for providing insights and generating hypotheses for quantitative research.

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The humble taste test is a great example of quantitative research. This method will give you an indication of what consumers think of your product and help establish areas of weakness. This also gives you visibility on key competitors and how they directly compare to you in terms of performance. This allows us to produce clear actionable insights to help improve the overall consumer experience and can be used to instil retailer confidence on purchase intent and overall preference.

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Sensory research involves our panellists trying your product or service for themselves and giving their opinions and feedback. A popular example of a sensory research method is taste testing, with panellists chosen to best represent your target audience tasting a selection of your food. The feedback from sensory research gives you honest insight into how people really feel about your food; what flavours they enjoy, and what needs improvement.

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