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31st March 2020

We have looked COVID-19 square in the eye, scrubbed our hands and taken our responsibility as a consumer research agency to not only help businesses survive this unprecedented time but to thrive. We are looking ahead to the future of what ‘normal’ will be once daily life returns and how we can support you in the short term. 

It has been heart-warming to see the community spirit over the last couple of weeks and we are committed to playing our part.  If you would like to know how you can help you will find a list of companies to get in touch with at the bottom of this blog.

Here at Good Sense Research we, like all of us are facing unprecedented times but also recognise the essential role we play in supporting businesses make the best decisions possible in the short term to adapt, whilst helping you build new strategies for success beyond the ‘now’. It may be 6 months, it may be 12 months, nobody has the answer, but being data minded folk we know we will eventually wash our hands of this virus and will be left with a ‘new normal’.

We want to support you, our client, with informative insights. As such, rather than stockpiling on toilet rolls and pasta we are utilising our dynamic innovative mindsets, developing services for you, which will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Offering you access to our FREE Consumer Behaviour Tracker

This month we have launched our ‘Consumer Behaviour Tracker’ to our panel of nearly 10,000 consumers which will be run monthly. We will be tracking changing behaviour as a result of the Coronavirus, asking about wellbeing, shopping habits, social activities and views on the economy.

If you would be interested in receiving key behavioural trends from this tracker for free, please subscribe to our newsletter and we will be happy to share this insight with you.

Our sister company FIS are also offering help, support and advice to food businesses which you can access via their LinkedIn page.

We can provide bespoke trackers for your business over the period of the Coronavirus and beyond to delve into behaviours and needs that are more specific to your business and consumer set to help you evolve your marketing strategies and new product developments. We are here to help you stay ahead of the fast-paced change in consumer behaviour.

From adversity comes opportunity and innovation

Adversity and disruption will lead to new opportunities and innovation and using the power of insight to create foresight is where we can really add value to you, with lots of creative ways to make the most of consumers currently stuck at home unable to go to work or leave the house.

We’re here to help.  We are in this together and we are expertly placed to help you stay dynamic, innovative and agile.  Please do get in touch; give us a call, an email or connect with us on social and let’s have that chat, we really would love to help. 

Ways to support others

•            Look up your local food bank and see what they need, or visit https://www.trusselltrust.org  to see what you can do

•            To support the thousands of hospitality workers already facing a loss in earnings https://www.wearetipjar.com/emergency-fund/

•            Continue to support your favourite food businesses, whether this is through buying gift vouchers, donating to their support funds, using their new collection or delivery service or giving them a shout out on social media

•            Don’t stockpile; having “a bit extra” in is probably smart but along with many others we urge you not to take more than you need and leave others without.



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