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9th September 2019

Good Sense Research have been tracking vegan eating behaviour in 2019. In 2018, the number of vegans in the UK reached 3.5 million. We wanted to establish whether this growing trend could be seen in the consumers on our own panel. Over 700 consumers have been asked the question ‘How often did you choose to cook or buy a vegan meal in the past month’ at the end of each month since January. We have found that those eating no vegan meals at all has gone from half (49%) in January, and seen a steady decline since, reaching its lowest point in May with just a quarter (28%) eating no vegan meals. This is also mirrored by the increase of those eating at least one vegan meal in the month. Those eating 5-10 vegan meals or are vegan has stayed relatively consistent, demonstrating that everyday consumers are now introducing vegan eating into their diets.

So why are more consumers eating vegan? A recent article by the BBC (link below) found that almost half of 16-24-year olds in the UK concerned about the effects of our food system on the planet. The push to slow and eventually reverse the effects of climate change is more prevalent now than ever before. Sir David Attenborough recently gave a speech to thousands at this year’s Glastonbury music festival, in which he reinstated the importance of climate change and impact we can have on an individual level. For the first time this year, the festival was made plastic free and there were more vegan eating options than ever before. Not only is this inspiring a generation, it’s also making it easier than ever to adopt these lifestyle changes. With some of the development we’ve recently seen in this category, we couldn’t agree more.



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