Profiling all attributes of your product with a trained sensory panel.

Using the sensory panel allows you to distinguish and assess all aspects of your products across appearance, flavour, mouthfeel, and aftertaste and establishes a unique vocabulary encapsulating product attributes. The trained sensory panel set aside their spontaneous appreciation of a product to concentrate on profiling the products to identify defining characteristics objectively.

Clients choose us because we gather and translate meaningful insights, shared in a digestible reporting style with clear recommendations to give you a competitive edge.

How and when a Trained Sensory Panel work for you.

Trained sensory panels are ideal when you are considering or being forced to make changes to your current product be it new legislation, production facilities or change in suppliers and you need to be sure the resultant product match your current product as closely as possible. The trained sensory panel is also perfect when you are looking to identify similarities and differences between your product and leading competitors. Sensory data can be used as standalone tool but are most powerful when over laid with consumer data.

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