Tools and techniques to interrogate the how, the why and the what ifs…

Providing an unrivalled exploration and examination of consumer, user and shopper attitudes and behaviours, our tools and techniques, including Discussion/Focus Groups, Listening Groups, In-depth Interviews and Observation and Interceptions, ensure you understand and can act on the “hearts and minds” of your target audiences.

Clients choose us because we gather and translate meaningful insights, shared in a digestible reporting style with clear recommendations to give you a competitive edge.

How and when F2F and Digital Discussion/Focus Groups can work for you.

Discussion/Focus Groups, whether convened F2F or Digitally, provide the ideal environment for target audiences to share, challenge and build opinions as to current ranges, new product ideas, packaging- all elements of the marketing mix. Translating what is said, overtly and covertly, into what it means for you, is where our expertly skilled facilitators excel- with insights, implications and recommendations shared in a full report and interactive download.

How and when Listening Groups can work for you.

Increasingly, project timings (and budgets) are squeezed but understanding your audiences remains vital. We’ve developed Listening Groups as an agile and cost-effective evolution of Discussion/Focus Groups. Listening Groups, convened digitally, are most effective when you have an established understanding of your category or brand but want to examine or sense check how behaviours and attitudes are/might change because of your/competitor innovation. Client Teams observe the expertly moderated groups and the following day, the GSR Specialist shares emerging insights and provokes thoughts/implications amongst the Client Team- there is no formal analysis nor reporting.

How and when In-depth Interviews can work for you.

Some areas of interest are simply too sensitive, complex or specialist to examine within a group environment. In such instances, we complete in-depth interviews. Typically, 1-2-1, although the In- depth Interviews may also involve partners, or the family group, depending on the nature of the brief. Whether it is an interview completed at home or in a neutral venue, or a Shopalong, Cookalong or Eatalong,  the intimate interview structure allows our GSR Specialists to complete a detailed interrogation of the benefits, issues, processes, influences, engagement and opportunities surrounding your category or brand.

How and when Observation and Interception can work for you.

Understanding how decisions are made at point of purchase, be it in-store or on-line, is invaluable in identifying how best to attract and engage audience interest or disrupt auto-purchasing. Observation and Interception Interviews ensure the consumer/user behaviours and influences are captured and interrogated “in the heat of the moment.” Our GSR Specialists are expert in scrutinising audience actions without interference and engaging shoppers and browsers on-the spot to investigate more fully how and why (or why not) choices are made.

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