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25th April 2019

Product benchmarking – A method of comparing your product against a category alternative to validate if it is ‘as good’ or ‘better than’.

When is product benchmarking useful?

  • Reformulation – Your product has undergone a recipe change and you want validation that the new reformulation is just as good or even better than the original
  • Competitor benchmarking – You have created a product which is similar to a competitor that already exists in the current market. Benchmarking will allow you to establish any similarities and differences that occur between the products. This will allow you to see your competitors strengths and weaknesses as well as you own and give you valuable insight into how your product can be revised to best meet the consumers needs.
    • Taste Test – A taste test can be used to determine consumer opinion of the products and help validate product performance. This can be conducted blind and branded if you wish to see how the brand impacts the user experience
    • Sensory Test- A trained sensory panel is used to assess each of the products (unbiased). They determine the key attributes of the base product you want to be compared against and can tell you how close or far away you are. For instance, if you have a chewing gum you wish to compare against a leading brand, a sensory test will tell you if you need to add more or less spearmint flavour to match the competitor or if the texture is too smooth or gritty. Reports are based around spider diagrams which will clearly indicate areas of opportunity

Good Sense Research can conduct product benchmarking taste tests for new and existing products to establish consumer opinion and when paired with sensory testing will provide a robust unbiased clinical output.




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