Market research online surveys and concept testing.

With opinion polls, surveys and questionnaires, we can gather a large amount of data in a short space of time. We’ll create questions, select consumers and share actionable insights in the simplest way possible.

Clients choose us because we gather and translate meaningful insights, shared in a digestible reporting style with clear recommendations to give you a competitive edge.

Online surveys.

Online surveys are a fast and effective tool to reach large numbers of your target audience to establish their opinions and reactions enabling you to make informed decisions based on a robust sample.

How online surveys work for you.

We will design a bespoke survey collaboratively which addresses your brief. Using our dynamic inhouse software and our nationwide Good Sense Community we will ensure we canvass the opinions of your target audiences. Projects big or small including 100 to 2000 consumers are ideally suited to online surveys.

When online surveys can work for you.

Online surveys can be used to test and prioritise concepts, packaging, marketing messages and internal team hypotheses. They’re also great to size potential audiences and put hard numbers behind qualitative insights.

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