Market research online communities.

Understanding how your target audience attitudes and behaviours beyond your category impact your brand and development opportunities.

Clients choose us because we gather and translate meaningful insights, shared in a digestible reporting style with clear recommendations to give you a competitive edge.

Understanding how your target audience attitudes and behaviours beyond your category impact your brand and development opportunities.

Utilising Pop-Up Digital Communities, Immersive Workshops and Ethnography helps identify how key trends or initiatives affect consumer/user behaviours more widely and in context, ensuring you build genuine closeness to your audiences.

How and when Pop-up Digital Communities can work for you.

Rather than exploring the audience response to a single specific issue/opportunity, Pop-Up Digital Communities create and develop a dynamic dialogue to inform strategic and development thinking. Completed as a one-off or re-convened, we host and moderate Pop-Up Digital Communities, enabling unique ethnographic insight and access to your audience habits and behaviours for your whole team. Created specifically according to your needs, our GSR Specialists will develop a program of tasks, activities and talking points for example, Video Diaries, Menu Safaris and In Shopper Shoes Audits,  to help anticipate, identify, monitor and target changing and emerging needs.  We will advise as to the Pop-Up Community format, structure and duration according to your needs.

How and when Immersive Workshops can work for you.

Immersive Workshops provide an interactive environment enabling team members to work directly with (under specialist moderator guidance) consumer teams to examine strategic and tactical developments or potential initiatives in detail. Typically adopted in the early stages of opportunity scoping and innovation, The Immersive Workshops involve GSR constructing and managing bespoke workstations, each focussed on a specific project element e.g. co-creation embryonic, concept optimisation, experiential initiatives, design and messaging, in a dynamic style. On the morning after the Immersive Workshop, the client team will work with GSR to review and action learnings- encouraging immediate action ownership before formal reporting. Immersive Workshops can be one-off or reconvened as development opportunities are prioritised and refined. Immersive Workshops are demanding of your team but hugely rewarding.

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