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Future Food Trend Tracker: Q3 2022

Future Food Trend Tracker: Q3 2022 Want to know which food trends your consumers are ready for? We’ve collaborated with thefoodpeople to bring you the latest edition of our Future Food…

What Is the Indulgence Index?

What is the ‘Indulgence Index’? Discover more about this re-emerging consumer spend trend… The current economic climate is enough to make us all feel a little down. Days are rapidly…


When it was launched last year, Future Food set out to demonstrate the relationship between future trend predictions and customer acceptance, readiness, and most importantly how that manifests over time. They aim to provide the food industry with meaningful insights that make a real difference to understanding where future trends and consumers are heading collectively.

Opportunity or Responsibility?

WHO states that one in three 11-year olds in the European region are overweight or obese. Food Navigator UK goes further: one in ten children in reception year are classed…

Rise in Flexitarian Diets and Plant-Based Cuisine

Future Food Trends 2022 – Rise in Flexitarian Diets and Plant-Based Cuisine Since January this year, flexitarian and plant-based diets have been increasing across all occasions (Eat-at-home, Eat-in-restaurants, Food-to-go), as…

Awesome Award

Wow! We’re literally bursting with excitement, guess what’s happened! We’ve only gone & been awarded the: SME News, British Made Awards 2022: ‘Best UK F&B Development Consultants 2022’! SME News…

F!S Group wholly acquires KICR Innovation

F!S Group – (Food Innovation Solutions Group) the original creative consultancy for food and beverage innovation has wholly acquired KICR Innovation for an undisclosed sum with exciting growth plans for…

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Interested in joining our dynamic team of market research experts? See below to discover our current job opportunities: Quantitative Research Manager-Specialist – Job Description Research exec job spec…

12 Foodie Facts of 2021

With 2021 giving way to 2022 we thought we’d have a little look back to some of our favourite foodie hi-lights plus a flavour of what’s going to be served…

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