Market research ethnographic depth interviews.

Gather accurate, relevant and structured data from your consumers with ethnographic depth interviews. We’ll create a comfortable, non-biased setting where consumers can talk freely and openly, providing in-depth insights.

Digital or face-to-face ethnographic depth interviews led by specialists.

Interviews are one of the most effective research methods when gathering consumer insights. You’ll gain rich, qualitative data as consumers discuss topics openly and freely. Whether you want to learn how consumers feel about your product or concept, or watch them interact with your product and gain ethnographic insights, market research interviews remove the limitations of other research methods.

We can facilitate interviews in person or online, in a one-to-one or group setting, which means we’re able to select the best consumers for interviews, no matter where they’re based. Either way, your market research interviews will be led by one of our research specialists who have honed their interview techniques to get the best responses from your participants.

We won’t put words in your consumers’ mouths — we’ll simply lead the conversation with structured questions and encourage participants to contribute fully.

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Our interviews are tailored to your needs and suitable for any topic, product or service.

The first step is an initial consultation. We’ll get to know your brand, products and research objectives so that we can make sure interviews are your best option. We’ll also select consumers to interview, choose the best setting and come up with interview questions. We want to help you get the most relevant and useful insights possible. 

One of the main benefits of interviews in market research is that they’re suitable for a huge range of topics. For example, even if you have sensitive or intimate questions to ask, interviews can be completed as one-to-one conversations during which our specialists will make consumers feel safe and comfortable.

On the other hand, if you’d rather we interview participants in a group setting, or in friendship pairs or cohabiting couples, we can easily do so online or in our central location interview and focus group rooms. 

We can even hold ethnographic interviews during which participants will complete tasks like reviewing, using or cooking products. 

We’ll identify the best methodologies for extracting the most valuable insights from your consumers.

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Business to business (B2B) depth interviews.

As well as consumer interviews, we can also conduct business to business depth interviews. We have conducted many research projects for B2B clients who would like to get feedback from existing customers or would like to understand more about the needs or requirements of potential customers.

In our experience, when a third party conducts these interviews the client’s customers know they are serious about feedback and understanding their business needs. Upon completion of the interviews we will present you with a detailed presentation of our findings.

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