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  • I have got 10 points, how do I get my e-vouchers?

    You can redeem your vouchers from your ‘My Details’ page on the Good Sense Community website.

  • How do I log into my profile and view my points?

    Go to the Good Sense Community website and sign in.  Once you’re signed in click on ‘My Details’ on the menu bar at the top.  Once you’re in this section you will be able to view how many points you have earnt.

  • I’ve not been to the office before, where is it?

    10a Brunel Business Court
    Eastern Way
    Bury St Edmunds
    Suffolk IP32 7AJ

    If you’re driving; the entrance to the industrial estate is up near Marlows Garden Centre; come all the way down into the estate and turn right onto Eastern Way immediately after Northgate Vehicle Hire.

    By foot, you can take a short cut onto Brunel Business Court from Eastgate Street, via Abbeyfields.

  • Where can I park?

    We have three Good Sense Research car parking spaces in the Brunel Business Court car park, which are across the car park, in line with our front door. But if you don’t find space there, you’re best-off finding a gap on the road outside of the car park; that way you don’t have to rush and we respect our neighbours’ parking areas.

  • Why did my friend get an email but I didn’t?

    This is not uncommon; as researchers, it is our job to vary those who take part in our projects and to make sure the most relevant people for the project are the ones who take part; which means sometimes we handpick people to invite to projects, before opening it up to a broader audience.

  • Why are so many panels not for the over 60’s

    The criteria for each panel is dictated by our clients and age is often a way clients define their target audience. Every project is different, so some will be relevant to you and some will not.

  • When completing the eligibility surveys I get told I’m not suitable, why?

    It is our job to make sure that the most relevant people for the project are the ones who take part. Depending on your answers to certain questions, you may not be eligible for a particular project. But don’t be disheartened, there will always be something that’s relevant to you!

  • How do friends sign up?

    Point them in the direction of the Registration page on our website or send them this link in an email.

  • Can we bring children to taste panels?

    Yes, if you are confident that your children can sit very quietly allowing you and other panellists to complete your tests without distraction. Your children may also sit and wait in the snug providing that they can sit still; we don’t want any accidents with hot food being carried back and forth for testing.

  • Can my children take part in research?

    The criteria for each panel is dictated by our clients and age is often a way clients define their target audience. There are sometimes projects that children can partake in. However, given that these are less common, we would typically make this known to you as part of the email that goes out.

  • What do points mean?

    A point is the equivalent of £1; as soon as you have 10 points you will be sent an email containing a link that will allow you to redeem your £10 Amazon voucher.

  • Where can I spend my Love2Shop voucher?

    There are lots of places you can use your vouchers; in fact the vouchers can be redeemed in over 20,000 stores! Have a look at the website that shows you where they can be used

  • How do I know if I am booked onto research?

    If you complete an eligibility survey and get as far as selecting your preferred time slot, watch out for a confirmation message. You will also receive a confirmation email from a member of the team a day or two ahead of the research to remind you.

  • I didn’t get to finish the survey, it closed quickly.

    We have lots of people who enjoy taking part in our research and in most instances, we work on a first-come-first-served basis. It may be that you have been pipped to the post this time, but please try again next time.

  • What if I can’t make it on the day?

    We’re all busy and understand that things come up, but please let us know either by email or phone. That way we can either try to arrange a time-slot that is more convenient for you, or we can offer another panellist who had missed out, the chance to take your place.

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