End to end consumer research.

We’ll work with you as a partner, as an extension of your team, to help you gain a better understanding of your consumers and put them at the heart of your decisions.

Gain meaningful insights with minimal effort when you choose our consumer research solutions.

We offer leading solutions for carrying out research on consumers, especially in the food, beverage and FMCG industries. Our purpose-built UK facilities allow us to carry out a wide range of research methodologies — we can collect all kinds of consumer data. Businesses choose us because they know we’re able to obtain and translate meaningful insights that can give them a competitive edge.

When you choose our end to end consumer research service, we’ll take care of everything.

We’ll create a plan for your market research, a schema for your consumers and a bespoke research platform for you to review data. We’ll run tests using consumers carefully selected from our panel of 12,000 and we’ll present data in the simplest way possible. No unnecessary jargon or unclear conclusions. 

All you’ll need to worry about is putting our valuable and actionable insights to good use. We’ll tell you more about your customers so that you can place them at the heart of your decision-making processes.

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Our end to end solutions combine convenience and cost efficiency.

We’ll make sure our services are as convenient as possible by becoming an extension of your team — aware of your objectives and driven to get the best results.

As well as complete convenience, we offer maximum cost efficiency. Unlike other market researchers, we don’t outsource our fieldwork or recruitment. Our large panel of consumers means we’re able to keep everything in-house, keeping costs low while offering the best results.

Our consumer behaviour research methodologies.

As a small business, we can be flexible and agile in our approach to your consumer research. We can gather data using a range of different methods and present it in a way that works for you. We’re passionate about consumer insight and want to help you get the most out of your research, so we’ll always tailor our packages to suit your specific needs.

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