Join our market research panel: Earn rewards for your thoughts and feedback on products.

Join our panel of 12,000 consumers and take part in surveys, research studies and taste tests. Help brands develop the best products for their customers and win points, prizes and shopping vouchers for doing so!

Win points, prizes and shopping vouchers for participating in easy surveys and studies.

When you join our consumer panel, you’ll join 12,000 others who are already earning rewards for participating in straightforward research studies. You’ll have the chance to complete online surveys, join discussion groups and interactive workshops and potentially even carry out taste tests.

Why join us?

It’s free to join and easy to earn!

Every study you participate in will earn you points, which equal prizes, and give you a chance to win shopping vouchers.

Even our simplest studies, which involve answering multiple-choice questions or giving your honest feedback, will unlock points, earnings and prizes. 

This is also your chance to make a difference to the products available to you and other consumers. Your feedback can help brands deliver products that you genuinely want to see.

Why do we want you?

There are brands targeting people exactly like you, and your insights and feedback can help them develop products that their target audience loves.

Every day, you’re making purchasing decisions and we want to help businesses understand the way you shop.

If you have an opinion on the products you use (and why you use them), then there’s a lot that our clients can learn from you.

Contact us now to join our consumer panel and start earning.

The sooner you join, the sooner you can start earning rewards for sharing your thoughts and feedback.

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Which brands and products do we run studies for?

We work with all kinds of brands, all over the world, so you’ll have the chance to participate in a wide range of studies. However, we specialise in carrying out research for brands that sell and manufacture food and beverage products, and fast-moving consumer goods.

This means you’ll have a lot of opportunities to give your feedback on everyday products that you might already be using. You could even participate in taste tests!  

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