When it was launched last year, Future Food set out to demonstrate the relationship between future trend predictions and customer acceptance, readiness, and most importantly how that manifests over time. They aim to provide the food industry with meaningful insights that make a real difference to understanding where future trends and consumers are heading collectively.

Is Motherless Meat the Future?

Cellular meat is produced using animal cell culture technology, where meat is produced from animal cells using a combination of biotechnology, tissue engineering, molecular biology and synthetic processes. What does this mean for sustainability? Methane is roughly 30x more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 – about 70% of agricultural methane comes from enteric fermentation – chemical reactions in the stomachs of cows and other grazing animals as they break down plants. How are the consumers reacting to this innovation? The acceptance of cellular meats has increased which is likely driven by it being discussed more openly in the mainstream media. Further education is needed with approx. 40% still finding it unappealing.

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